Astrology is a Divine Science. It depends on astronomical conditions of planets and stars. Through astrology we can predict on our country, our natural environment (like flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc.) and our life. If we want to use astrology for our or others life, we have to make Horoscope. A horoscope is the present position of Planets and Stars along with the position at the time or our birth or came into existence. Our Horoscope is totally depending on our Karma of past life. Karma is what we endure in our past life.

In Astrology we take 9 planets, 12 Rashis (Zodiac), and 27 Nakshatras (Constellation). Out of which 7 are visible planets and 2 (Rahu & Ketu) are invisible planets. Through our horoscope, we can know about all what we will achieve in our life, in our profession, personal life (like spiritual, financial growth, etc.). From our horoscope yogas, We can know about a growth and achievements. From our Dasha (period of life), we can know, when we are going to get all these things our events. Astrology helps us to know ourselves and our personality. We may know our weakness and hurdles. It makes us improves our skills to know the right way. It helps us to know about our goals in our life. We would know about our relationship and their status. It helps us to improve our relationship, we can know the right way of our life.