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Ramaa Joshi

Ramaa Joshi is a Spiritual guide, Astrology is her passion and Reiki healing is the life line. She guides people how to understand the energies around themselves and how to deal or handle with them.

Ramaa Joshi, Astrologer, Reiki Healer and trainer, Aura reader, Palmist, Numerologist and Vastu consultant, come from a family of astrologers. She is an M.A in Hindi, B.Ed. & Ph.D. in Vastu. She entered into the spiritual journey of traditional Vedic Astrology through Bhartiya Viday Bhawan, New Delhi. She has been guided by the well-known, experienced Gurus during her learning at the institute. She is being successfully practicing Vedic Astrology with her perfection in Prediction and Prashna Shastra. For predictions, she utilizes her knowledge and experience for the remedies in Astrology.

Her expertise is in Career counseling and relationship issues. She devotes her time in research, and experimenting the use of ancient Astrology in the modern age in eradicating the problems of human being through the vast and divine knowledge of the Astrology.

She is a Grand Master in Reiki. She is in teaching Reiki and getting tremendous results from the patients getting healed.